Positioning statements: examples of companies that created a new category for themselves

You can capture a strong position in the mind of the prospect by creating a new category and naming yourself number one. Here are a few fun examples of how some companies created new categories. And the rest is history.

  • Question: When is a truck not a truck?
  • Answer: When it’s a sports utility vehicle (e.g. AMC/Jeep Cherokee)
  • Question: When is a candy not just a candy?
  • Answer: When it’s an after dinner mint? (e.g. After Eight Thin Mints)
  • Question: When is a shipping and packaging business not just a shipping and packaging business?
  • Answer: When it’s your personal branch office (e.g. FedEx with the acquisition of Kinkos)

These examples are so commonplace today that it is easy to forget that at one point they were, in fact, very unique. Each of these companies established a new category and claimed themselves to be number one. And the magic of these new categories is that they are all very easy to understand. There’s no jargon. They stitched common words together in new ways, and presto: a new category. Sounds easy. No doubt it took a fair amount of time an energy to figure this out. But the results were worth the effort.

What’s your category?

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