Is it time to finally document your positioning statement?

Here’s a two part question: 1)  can you tell me, in a simple sentence, how your product is positioned in the market? 2) Now, how many people in your marketing team would give me the same concise answer if I asked them? If you hesitate, it’s time to document and share your positioning statement.

The best, most effective companies are those where the marketing and sales teams are 100% aligned. They are the ones where everybody knows precisely who the target personas are, the problems the personas are trying to solve, the unique value offered by their product, and the compelling reasons why customers will buy the product. Unfortunately, in most companies, the answers to these questions are illusive.  Either only one person actually can articulate the marketing strategy with the rest of the organization sitting passively waiting to be told exactly what to do. Or, worse, everybody believes they know the answer, but that answer is far from consistent. It’s like a blindfolded man feeling only part of the elephant. Everybody has a different interpretation of the marketing strategy. This leads to unconscious confusion, frustration, and ultimately poor marketing performance.

Creating a positioning statement is a team sport

While the owner of a product positioning statement may be the product marketer, it is imperative that a cross-functional team participate in creating it. It is not meant to be a siloed activity. In fact, the larger the company, the more important it is to involve colleagues from marketing and sales in the exercise. Failure to do so leads to the infamous “not invented here” syndrome. Friction and frustration follow.

The most effective B2B marketing companies embrace the positioning statement as a tool to align marketing and sales organizations. When every marketer understands what the positioning statement is and how it works, more effective integrated marketing programs are designed. More relevant messaging is created. Better quality leads are generated. Marketers become heroes. And the strategic value of the marketing department become visible and apparent.

Mastering Product Positioning

Mastering-Product-PositioningThis is exactly why I created the online course, Mastering Product Positioning. This is an action-oriented online course created for marketers at every level and their teams. In it, I illustrate, step by step, how to create, evaluate, and apply the positioning statement to your unique business.

  • Tune up your current positioning statements.
  • Create and document a positioning statement for a new product.
  • Include this course as part of your skills-based training for new marketers.

I’ve been conducting positioning workshops for the past 12 years. The best practices, tips, techniques, and templates are all illustrated in this online course. And best of all, you can learn at your own pace. I invite you to check out the details. It’s a small investment of time with a huge payback. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!






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