Available now: B2B Messaging Boot Camp

New online messaging course from Mike Gospe

B2B Messaging Boot Camp: Learn how to create your most effective elevator pitch in just 90 minutes. Templates. Examples, Exercises.

Over the years, I’ve received a  lot of requests to share the exercises I write about in The Marketing High Ground. Now, in addition to my workshops and team “work sessions”, I invite you to check out my latest online course: B2B Messaging Boot Camp. B2B Messaging Boot Camp is fast-paced, practical, and hard-hitting online course for anyone who wants to maximize the impact of their B2B messages. The centerpiece of the course is my “Message Box” exercise. Templates, examples, and techniques are explained in detail. The course is specifically designed for product managers and product marketers, but anyone interested in learning how to craft a better “elevator pitch” will find this interesting and helpful. The course will include: * 90 minutes of lecture * 11 lessons * 12 exercises * Quizzes to test your knowledge.

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