About MHG

Download an excerpt — The Marketing High Ground

Sales has their playbook.  Now B2B marketers do too!

Packed with practical and powerful advice, templates, and techniques this playbook is a valuable resource that guides business marketers to dramatically improve their lead generation conversion rates and drive revenue. Written for B2B marketing managers at every level, this book is about 3 things and how to do them really, really well:

  1. How to craft a clear and crisp persona as a reflection of a real target market segment
  2. How to draft compelling positioning statements that are truly unique when compared against competitive alternatives
  3. How to tell your story through a well-honed set of relevant, customer-ready messages guaranteed to engage the persona

Why you and your marketing team should read this book:

  • Are you frustrated with your marketing planning process?
  • Is it a mystery as to who buys your products and why?
  • Do your sales and marketing teams debate over the value your products offer customers?
  • Do copywriters struggle to get your messaging right?
  • Does it take more than 3 drafts to finalize a press release?
  • Does it take longer than 4 weeks to develop a direct marketing program?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then The Marketing High Ground is for you!  

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