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The secret to creating your killer elevator pitch

Mike Gospe's message box technique for creating your elevator pitch

Learn how to create a compelling elevator pitch for your new product. This is a new online course created by Mike Gospe.

The “message box” technique is a fun, fast way to create a compelling elevator pitch for your new product or service. For the month of March, this new online course is available for free. Continue reading

A persona exercise: The Skeptical Futurist

If you are selling to CIOs or IT strategists, you may find this persona example of interest. Continue reading

3 steps to improving your positioning & messaging

How well are your lead gen programs performing? Be honest. When lead generation programs fail, they do so mainly because the messages communicated are irrelevant or ill timed for the target audience. We, as a society, have become so used to information overload it’s become the white noise of the marketplace. The knee-jerk reaction from companies is the “ready, fire” execution of promotional offers. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that volume replaces the need to “aim.” Continue reading

Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak, as revealed by Lou Hoffman

Today I ran across this wonderful blog post by Lou Hoffman. His infographic is a helpful reminder that we should all make 2012 the year of the customer and focus on building an interactive dialog with them regarding their concerns and interests, rather than pushing jargon-rich, feature-focused, one-off messages which are usually taken out of context of the problem the customer is trying to solve. Lou’s graphic is a perfect addition to the message box technique for developing customer-ready messaging. Continue reading

Coaching on the Message Box: 3 signs that you may be misusing the tool

The message box is a powerful tool that can help you construct and deliver customer-ready messaging. Yet it is not the only tool you need in your messaging arsenal. Occasionally, some marketers may be trying to use the message box technique to do too much. Here are three common signs of trouble, and what you can do to keep your messaging on track. Continue reading

Introducing the Message Box

Successful selling is about story telling. And our messaging must tell a story that is relevant to our target personae. But what makes a good story? Continue reading

Preview “The Marketing High Ground”

Download an excerpt — The Marketing High Ground

If you are interested in the best practices surrounding persona development, drafting crisp positioning statements, and crafting messages that are relevant and meaningful to your persona, you’ll want to read The Marketing High Ground. Available in May 2011 on, this book is the essential playbook for B2B marketing practitioners.