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“The Marketing High Ground is an essential read for marketers in the 21st century. Gospe reinforces critical marketing fundamentals and provides a concise blueprint for developing customer-oriented B2B marketing strategies and programs.” — Helen

“Gospe’s methodology works! We’ve been using his persona, positioning statement, and message box techniques to define use cases and go-to-market plans. We’re well on our way to the high ground.” — John

“Gospe’s book is relevant for marketers everywhere.  I especially like the way he shows the path to the High Ground. And as I’m a visual learner, I found that his examples and illustrations bring the personas and messaging to life!” — Doreen

“I’m a big fan of real life case studies, and Gospe gives people the opportunity to see how the concepts are used, especially in the hard to define area of B2B marketing.” — Susan Ayoob

“This is a book on marketing that I can relate to. I was hooked in the first two pages. Gospe delivers experienced and practical “field level” marketing advice, complete with examples that keep you flipping the pages as compared to other marketing books that drag on and on about the “should do’s” and lack the “how to’s.” — Heather

“I very much enjoyed what Gospe has to say. The information is very relevant for us and could be used by our very small team. As none of us are formally trained in marketing, his practical templated approach is something we can handle on our own.” — Patricia

2 responses to “Feedback

  1. I found Mike Gospe’s “Marketing High Ground” very thought-provoking, introspective, and best of all – actionable. As a small business owner his book helped me realize that we lacked a clear and persuasive positioning statement for one of our “rainmaker” product/services.

    The morning after I read his book I brought my staff together and, following his easy-to-use template, first clarified who our target “persona-prospect” is, then developed a benefit-rich message that also differentiates us in a way meaningful to our target audience.This is the high ground – get to a new and different position before your competitors, and define it.

    High Ground also helped me realize why some of our company’s marketing investments haven’t paid off lately. I took the author’s key principles, wrote them on a 3×5 card, and posted them above by phone. From now on, any marketing investment I consider will have to pass the “High Ground” test.

    Needless to say, High Ground is not theoretical. This is a great book.

  2. Great stuff That was exaclty what I needed. It’s refreshing to find useful posts that I need to know more about. Great site by the way!

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