Here are a few dog-eared books in my marketing library that helped me greatly in writing The Marketing High Ground. These are timeless resources for any B2B marketer.


The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout
An exploration of the laws that govern marketing and human perception.

42 Rules of Marketing by Laura Lowell
Simple advice for marketers everywhere.

The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki
Marketing best-practices, the Silicon Valley way.

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore
The marketing game plan for high-tech companies.

Digital Body Language by Steven Woods
An exploration of how and why B2B marketers must decode their buyers’ digital body language to understand the roles, information needs, timing, and buying intentions of their largely faceless and elusive target market.

Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson
Secrets for making big profits from your small businesses.

Guerrilla Marketing Online by Jay Conrad Levinson
The entrepreneur’s guide to earning profits on the Internet.

How to Win Friends & Influence Peopleby Dale Carnegie
A practical guide on how to work with people and improve your team skills

Integrated Marketing Communications by Don Schultz, Stanley Tannenbaum, and Robert Lauterborn
A look at the history of marketing, the concept of integrated marketing, and an illustrated process of how and why it works.

Living on the Fault Line by Geoffrey Moore
Secrets to managing companies successfully in light of rapid, discontinuous, disruptive, and technological change

Marketing Campaign Development: What Marketing Executives Need to Know about Architecting Global Integrated Marketing Campaigns by Mike Gospe
A practical prescription for B2B marketing leaders trying to determine the optimum marcom mix and navigating internal politics to execute campaigns of success.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout
Simply the best book on product positioning I’ve ever read.

The Story Factor by Annette Simmons
How to use storytelling as the modus operandi for business success.

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