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3 Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned from Walking My Dog

Sometimes marketing lessons come when you least expect them. Here are three marketing lessons I’ve learned from my dog, a 2 year old English springer spaniel named Kerrigan. Continue reading

Tips for marketing your small business

This morning I had coffee with a friend and colleague who runs a small business. He wanted to pick my brain regarding marketing actions that would help draw sales. Rather than just dump a list of marketing activities on him, I first asked him how his business was going and what activities he was already doing. While I listened, he described the value of his services with passion and a sense I can only describe as “honest integrity”.  I could feel his empathy for his customers and the problems they wanted his help in solving. He also shared with me that he was already executing a number of marketing tactics. The “aha!” moment came when we took a step back to review everything he just shared with me. Here’s what we learned, and what he could do about it. Continue reading