Mike customizes practical workshops as “working sessions” for companies of all sizes. Rather than conducting academic exercises, Mike dives in to help marketing teams get real work done.

His sessions include:

  • Marketing organization assessments
  • Go-to-market campaign strategies
  • Bull’s Eye Segmentation & Persona brainstorming
  • Positioning Statement creation & evaluation meetings
  • Message development & story boarding (via the Message Box technique)
  • Marketing Blueprint creation, including identification of activities and offers

Contact Mike to learn more about two types of engagements, where each session is tailored for your specific needs.

  1. Mike can provide continuous leadership and expertise, guiding marketing teams through each step of the integrated marketing planning process. This can be especially helpful when teams are launching a new product or driving their annual planning process.
  2. Alternatively, Mike also is available on a per-day basis.  This is helpful for teams who value an outside unbiased expert for a short time.

Contact Mike or visit KickStart Alliance to learn more about our other marketing and sales services.

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